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22 to 23 th of May 2020, the 6th edition of the TSD rally, is scheduled Castle Rally by EHRLE. This is a Regularity Rally (TSD - Time Speed Distance rally) which takes two days. The rally route visits in the first day Mures county, and the next day visits multiple sightseeings in Mures County.

Event Characteristics

Start Date


Finish Date


Length of Route


Vehicle Eligibility

PRE 1990/12/31

Navigation type


Ave. No. of Legs


Ave. No. of Tests


Entry Fee


Available to:2020/03/01
For CCC members: 90E

Free slots


max 50



  2020-01-30 Castle Rally by EHRLE in 2 championships (stire)  From 2020 Castle Rally by EHRLE will be present in 2 championships: - CRRVI - by Retromobil Club Romania - Historic Regularity Rallye Championship by MNASZ - Hungary  Details

  2020-01-25 EHRLE Romania decided to join Castel Rally (stire)  EHRLE Romania decided to join the organizers of Castel Rally due to shared values and passions: cars, tradition, quality. EHRLE GmbH is a leading German manufacturer in the field of self-service car wash and high pressure industrial washing equipments,...  Details

  2019-01-19 Registration starts soon (stire)  The registration form for Classic Rally 2019 will be available on the site from 01 february 2019. In february will be the early bird registration. Number of competition cars are maximum: 50.  Details

  2018-12-04 New image for Castel Classic Rally 2019 (stire)  The new image if Classic Rally 2019, the fifth edition appeard today. The rallye is organized by Classic Car Club Targu Mures in colaboration with Retromobil Club Romania.  Details

  2018-04-06 Interesting statistics (stire)  about the particpant of Castel Classic Rally 2018: - 27.500 km done by the participants for this event - 1779 year the cumulated age of the cars - 41 cars registered in the first 20 days of registration perriod - 6 oldtimer clubs represented - 4...  Details


Vehicle Eligibility

  • Vehicle eligibility: cars made before de 31 dec. 1990.
  • Prizes
  • 1.) For each category - 1, 2, 3
  • 2.) TEAMS - 1, 2, 3
  • 3.) VW CUP - 1, 2, 3 - offered by Aliat AMS
  • 4.) OPEN - All crews
  • 5.) Oldest car which finished the event
  • 6.) Ladies Trophy
  • 7.) Smallat engine which finished the event
  • 8.) Special Prizes